Toronto STIGA Table Hockey League

Rules of the Game

  1. Games last 5 minutes. The clock keeps running when a goal is scored or the puck leaves the table.

  2. Games begin with the puck dropped in the centre of the middle circle, the centre forwards and left defenders being on their own side and outside the centre circle.

  3. For face-offs, the puck must be visibly released about 5 cm above the figures’ heads, and the releasing hand must be still. The flat side of the puck must face down. The referee must be sure that both players are ready before releasing the puck. In the case of a 'bad drop,' players may ask for another face-off.
  4. After a goal or after the puck leaves the ice surface, a face-off is made by releasing the puck in the centre of the middle circle, the centre forwards and left defenders being on their own side and outside the centre circle.

  5. Three seconds must elapse after each face-off (or after the beginning of a game), before scoring a goal. If not, the goal is not valid and a (new) face-off must be made. The centre forward is not allowed to score directly after a face-off. The puck must go out of reach of the centre forward before it is possible to score.

  6. For a goal to count, the puck must remain in the net. A goal does not count if the puck bounces out. When a goal is scored, the puck must be removed from the net before the next face-off.

  7. A goal scored directly by pressing a motionless puck against the goal cage or against the goalie does not count. A goal scored in this way indirectly (off the bank or off another figure) counts.

  8. It is not allowed to stabilize a puck and directly score a goal using the body (not the stick) of a figure. However, it is allowed to score a goal with a figure’s foot, if using it as a stick (i.e. by rotation of the figure). A goal scored by the body of a figure is valid if the puck becomes motionless in any other way than stabilizing it with the scoring figure.

  9. If a goal is scored as the final buzzer is sounding, it will not be awarded (in case of any doubt, the goal is not valid). If any figure or goalie breaks when a goal is scored, the goal is valid. A goal scored by moving, tilting or jolting the game is not valid.
  10. If the puck is in full rest in the goal crease and is touching the goal line, the defending player may call “freeze” and a new face-off is made. If the puck is in full rest in the goal crease and is not touching the goal line, the defending player must play the puck.

  11. You may not retain the puck for more than 5 seconds without passing or shooting the puck. Doing so after one warning shall result in the transfer of possession to the opposing team's offensive zone behind the icing line.

  12. If an unusual situation occurs (e.g. broken gear, rod or game, displaced goal cage, lights go out, somebody/something interrupts any of the players), the match must be immediately suspended. Players agree on time remaining and complete the match on an alternate table. If a player had indisputable control of the puck before the interruption, the match continues with the puck in the place where it was; otherwise, a new face-off is made.

  13. Players are not allowed to slam, tilt or jolt the game in a manner that puts the puck into the opponents goal. All players are expected to play the game without excessive force.

  14. Occasionally, player figures will rise from the playing surface during game play. When this occurs, players are allowed to push any such player figures back down on the studs only when in possession of the puck.

  15. If any player retires during a match when the opponent insists on continuing, he/she automatically loses all his/her goals scored during the game, while the opponent may add an extra 5 goals to his/her score.
  16. For league and division standings, placement shall be determined by the following tie-breaking criteria (in order): points, wins, head-to-head record, plus/minus (goal differential), sudden-death overtime match.
  17. During play-off matches, in the event of a tie at the end of the 5 minutes, the winner is the one who scores the first goal (sudden death), following a face-off.

  18. For playoffs, top-ranked player gets choice of game table and side. Switch sides before each new game.

Other Details

An audio timer will be used for all matches with voice, music and tones at designated minute intervals with final buzzer to end game.

Extra pucks will be at game side as well as extra players to replace any broken ones quickly during play.


Members of the International Table Hockey Federation