Toronto STIGA Table Hockey League


Since 1957, the STIGA Table Hockey Game has been revised and enhanced to offer maximum family fun or highly competitive strategic games. The NHL knows quality, that’s why the STIGA Stanley Cup Table Hockey Game is officially licensed by the NHL, and the World Table Hockey Championships only uses STIGA table hockey games.

  • STIGA is the official game used in the "World Championship" Table Hockey Tournaments.
  • Over 4,000,000 STIGA Table Hockey Games have been sold world-wide, making STIGA the largest-selling Table Hockey Game of all time!
  • Sturdy injection-molded rink that can last for years.
  • 3D players with real NHL hockey team uniforms & logos; interchangeable hockey players are hand-painted, and carry metal sticks. Get all the NHL teams!
  • Center player can skate back into the defensive zone.
  • The left-wing players can go into "Gretzky's office" behind the net for superb behind-the-net plays & passes.
  • Goalies move from side to side and can spin in a full circle.
  • Goal counters on each side of the rink.
  • Plexiglass behind the goals; puck ejectors in each goal.
  • Every part on the STIGA Table Hockey game is replaceable – even the ice surface.
  • The players are gear-driven via helical-cut nylon gears on steel rods for superior feel and speed.
  • Four legs, about 2 inches high, raise the game from the table-top for easy rod access and solid play.
  • Non-stop action with no 'dead spots' on the ice!
  • Quick setup time allows you to 'get on the ice' in minutes.
STIGA Diagram

If you've ever enjoyed playing table hockey, you'll LOVE playing on a STIGA game!

STIGA action!
Demonstration video

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